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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. 

For over fifty years, Trinity has been knowing God, enjoying God, and loving people in northeast Allen County.  The congregation got its start in the basement of a drugstore in the mid-1960's, and moved shortly to the location at the corner of St. Joe and Eby Roads.


Trinity has grown over the years in mission and ministry, and we are still growing.


Trinity believes that mission is job #1.  We are engaged in our community and our world to share the love of Jesus Christ.  Through mission partnerships, we work to serve people with a particular emphasis on homelessness.  With our mission partners, we help families, support ministries with children, and partner to provide a leg up when people are ready to move off of the street.



Trinity is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a denomination with a long and distinguished tradition.  Through these denominational ties, we engage in cooperative mission, and receive and give other various types of support.


Trinity is part of a long tradition, but it is not a stuffy place.  We try new things.  We are relaxed and comfortable.  Dress is comfortable and casual. We take God seriously, our ourselves, not so much.


Our purpose statement is:  Know God, Enjoy God, Love all people.  That pretty well sums up who we are, and who we understand God is calling us to be.


Come and join us!

Meet Our Staff





Rev. Terry Epling is married to Annie, who is also a pastor. They met in graduate school in Louisville, Kentucky, and have served churches in Wisconsin and Missouri before coming to Fort Wayne in 2018. They have four children. Henry is an environmental studies major and plays bass in a jazz band at The College of Wooster in Ohio. Tommy is in his first year at the University of Denver and plays rugby. Julia is on the newspaper staff and in the band at Homestead High. Charlotte sings in the choir at Deer Ridge Elementary. The Eplings have two rescue dogs, Mercy and Lucy, and care for Henry's saltwater aquarium creatures. 


Favorite Scripture and Hymn:

There are so many! But Psalm 23 comes to mind. I love the way it is interpreted in the hymn "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need." 

Verse three says, " The sure provision of my God attend me all my days; 

O may your house be my abode, and all my work be praise. 

There would I find a settled rest, while others go and come; 

no more a stranger, or a guest, but like a child at home."

Trinity Church seems to embody these values where we seek to make first time guests and long time attendees feel as comfortable and welcome as children in their own home.


Background Information:

Terry attended Pikeville College in Kentucky and majored in art education. After teaching art for five years he enrolled at Louisville Seminary in preparation for ministry. He was ordained by Transylvania Presbytery and called as a campus minister in Wisconsin. On relocating to St. Louis, Missouri, he served as the stated clerk of the presbytery and was a frequent supply preacher in congregations in the region. He served as interim pastor at First Presbyterian, Cape Girardeau, and at Dardenne Presbyterian, Dardenne Prairie. 






I have 3 beautiful daughters, and am currently pet-free.  Allyson, the oldest lives in Fort Wayne.  She works at the AWS workshop, she and her roommate receive supported living services through Anthony Wayne Services.  Amy, her husband Todd, and their cat Oliver live in Denver, CO.  They are both pharmacists, and Amy also teaches some yoga and nutrition classes.  Collette, my youngest, will be graduating from Ball State this spring.  She is getting a double major in Fine Arts (ceramics) and Psychology.  You can check out her work at


How long have you been at Trinity:


I have been here since September, 2004.


Favorite verse or quote:


The Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


What music have you been listening to lately:


I enjoy listening to the "oldies" station.


Favorite hobby:


I enjoy doing puzzles, and playing Scrabble.


Something quirky or interesting about you:


I HATE liver, but I LOVE liver sausage!

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